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Tractive Motion - Activity Tracker for Pets


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Tractive® MOTION tracks your pet's activity 24 hours a day. Simply attach Tractive® MOTION to your pet's collar and get the data directly on your smartphone. 

How Tractive MOTION works

Tractive® MOTION tracks the daily activity of a pet, categorises pet movements in three categories ‘lazy’, ‘moderately active’ and ‘active’, and tells its owners whether or not their pet needs to be more active.

Tractive® MOTION provides detailed statistics of your pet's activity. The data is automatically and wirelessly synced to your smartphone.

Pet Points
Set a daily goal based on Pet Points. The current progress can be seen directly in the Tractive® MOTION app.
Daily activity
Get detailed information about the time your pet is lazy, moderately active or high active.
Monthly activity
Get insights of your pet's average monthly activity and compare it's monthly activities.
Temperature & light
You will soon understand the correlations between your pet's activity and external influences like temperature or daylight

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