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Lumee Selfie Case For iPhone 6s


Professional Quality Lighting for every Selfie!

Lumee Selfie Case for iPhone 6s is an illuminated case that has LED lighting on both sides of the case giving you a soft and beautiful light for every selfie.

The Lumee case lights up your face with the simple push of a button. When the case is lit, the light fills in the shadows, enhancing the photo and making the subject bright and "picture perfect."

Lumme case has it's own battery and does not use the battery of you phone, meaning that you can use it for much longer without your phone dieing out on you. 

Key Features:

  • Dimmer Switch to control the brightness.
  • Rechargeable battery and charging cord. Long lasting battery that works independently of your phone.
  • Tough, impact resistant plastic. 
  • Light at the tip of your fingers. 

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